About Us

High quality classroom practice and leadership are central to sustained school improvement.  The ETC Learning Hub offers opportunities for colleagues to positively influence educational change and improve outcomes for children and young people.

The ETC Learning Hub provides an infrastructure which connects staff across schools to learn with and from each other in innovative, and creative ways using evidence informed practice. Learning takes many forms, for example: workshops, formal programmes, peer reviews, moderation, practitioner-led enquiry, mentoring and coaching.

Through the Hub, leaders in schools work to recruit high quality people into the profession and to train and develop colleagues at each stage of their career. Progression and career development within the Hub structure brings benefits to staff who wish to continue to invest in their own learning.

The Hub works through collaboration and offers access to expertise and live classroom practice.

Public value statement

Our ambition is for a committed, collaborative learning community where children, young people and adults thrive, achieve and contribute. All learners will have confidence and motivation to support their communities and shape their futures built on common values.

The ETC Learning Hub will lead and sustain a constituency which will have a profound measurable improvement on the aspirations, achievements and fulfilment of pupils and staff. This will be achieved by collaboratively developing a highly skilled and motivated workforce, thereby transforming the learning of our pupils.